Sleeping Yogini

Consciousness in human form.


Pamela Maran & Yoga

My spiritual path has never begun, nor it has an end.
I share insights of this life through yoga, meditation and writings.


Classes and workshops

Got a place for an event? I'll come! Let's meet!


Yoga retreats

Meditations, practices, sharing circles, lectures, silence, fun time - extremely intense and life changing retreats since 2016 all over the world (Estonia, Greece, Bali, Zanzibar, India).

Yoga Nidra

Just lie, relax, listen to my voice and let's head on to your subconcious mind. You can change your life by almost sleeping, almost awake.

Alignment workshops

Do you know your pose? How to keep yourself safe and get the most even out of the most seemingly easy pose? How to engage certain muscles, how to get deeper? Let's find out!


Let’s Connect

I teach mostly in Estonia (check events on FaceBook Sleeping Yogini page), but I lead life-changing retreats across the world. If you have ideas, wishes, questions, do e-mail me and remember - impossible is nothing! 

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