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What is enlightenment?

Man's higher aspiration is for truth, freedom, and expansion of the consciousness. When we confuse enlightenment with a sense of happiness, we tend to search it in the wrong place (relationships, entertainment, accomplishments, things, etc.). We are all seekers.

Those who discover themselves on a "spiritual" journey come to seek the supreme truth, God, or enlightenment. The concern is that most of those who haven't arrived, give instructions on how to arrive and thus make the destination even more inaccessible.

The experience of absolute truth, light, or enlightenment is not directly related to energetic processes. In other words, through Tantric sex, breathing techniques or ayahuasca, you will NOT reach enlightenment.

Enlightenment is also not an activation of the pineal gland or a change in a snap.

Yoga asanas, practices and other entertainments offer temporary sensations, sensual pleasures and experiences, but not the truth. Truth does not come through the mind.

Enlightenment is the understanding of your ego as coat you were wearing. This covers you, but it's not you. Enlightenment gives an understanding of other people's coats and that this is not them, but the covers of human's consciousness.

In enlightenment, one does not become a saint, an untouchable benefactor. The coat remains, but there is a choice of when to use it and when not.

Enlightened people can also smoke, eat meat, crave women and men, swear - they just see it not as the longing of the soul, but part of the game of life. All life becomes a playground where nothing can be taken seriously, because everything is just a construction.

As long as the truth-seeker holds the idea of ​​truth as pure love, solemn compassion, and miracles, the goal remains only a mirage in the desert. Religions have sought to create a picture of divinity through abstractions and metaphors that the foolish mind takes as the truth. As if walking on water is a destination and an end.

Enlightenment is not the end point. Understanding the games and egos that take place in the world is only one phase. The degrees of expansion of consciousness are infinite, as are infinite galaxies. Once the journey on Earth ends, consciousness continues to expand outside the human body. Therefore, there is no death. There is only infinite expansion. The body is just one layover. There is no end. There is no end to anything.

Ego needs a clear definition and explanation. Religions have given us standards and templates to follow. Thus the human mind is created for slavery.

To reach the truth, one needs a mindless state. Intuition, inner feeling.

Ego needs goals, targets, changes. Consciousness needs a state without borders. The ego uses the mind. Consciousness moves in naturalness.

Ego needs to change people and the world. The ego needs to be shared, clicked, noticed. The truth is like a flower. It just blooms and its aroma already exists in itself. It does not need listeners and seers to exist.

The ego reads a thousand different philosophical treatises, it discusses, examines, thinks it has reached the truth, believes that it sees more than all other fools. The ego needs followers or opponents to stay alive - both confirm that it exists. Ego needs to help and heal humanity.

The truth simply is. The truth is that it is in everything and in itself.

When you begin to see yourself in everything and the world as a theater, the play of life, you have come to the truth. You no longer need to intervene.

As long as you see that the other is not right, someone needs to be changed, you are still under the heavy coat of ego.

He who needs clicks and shares to think the same way, seeks darkness from darkness.

The truth smokes with joy, gets drunk with joy, dances with joy. Truth loves and hates with equal honesty. The truth doesn't take anything seriously. He laughs at himself and others equally. Truth develops like a seed, grows like a flower, blooms like the most beautiful flower, lets the rain wash itself, lets fall to take itself, lets the boots smash itself without resenting anything, because it just IS. Truth passes and evolves over time as time itself. Only the ego wants to oppose everything, to stand out from the others, to force the seeds to bloom from the soil, to fight against the rain, to protect them from boots.

The truth sees the ego as rain that can pour when needed, but it loves droughts equally.

You can throw a long robe around a stick, put a Bible in its hand, and have it proclaim God's word every Sunday, but it still doesn't become a flower. The stick remains a stick.

The stick can practice tantric sex with other sticks, twist itself into different positions, let it tear itself off the tree, but the stick will not become a flower. When a stick realizes that it is a stick and evolves through time like a stick, then it is as beautiful as a flower. This is enlightenment.

To be. Not to appear to be. Just to be. Honestly. Without mystical experiences, pineal glands, energy centers and ceremony. Just be. This is enlightenment.


© Pamela Maran

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