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Who is afraid of Covid Wolf?

Updated: Jul 30

The truth is that 99.9% of us are afraid - the anxiety of some people is expressed through the neatly following of the rules, and in others it's expressed through the fighting against the rules and spreading conspiracy theories. Both groups are subconsciously and consciously afraid.


Man is afraid to die. Fear of death is also expressed in very small things, such as fear of the dentist or flying; constant desire to prolong one's youth with injections, training, clothes, younger companions etc. The thirst for life is the fear of death.

But why are we afraid to die?

Death is unknown, because Life is also unknown to us.

Man has so closely associated his whole existence with his body, its extinction or development. For a human, he thinks himself as his body, age, thoughts, status, clothes, material values, experiences, and so on. Everything that you can name touch is "I" for a person. Thus, with death, EVERYTHING perishes.

As long as the meaning of Life remains unknown, the meaning of Death remains unknown. In both cases, a person exist in fear, both living and dying.

Our earthly bodies are destined for wear and tear, aging and destruction. ALL physical must decompose in order for a new to emerge. The only thing that does not perish is Life itself, which takes various physical forms.

The physical body must die. And death is an immutable determined.

The time of our death at this moment is set. He who dies, could NOT have survived at that moment. He had to die.

Who came out of the disease could not have died as it was was not determined.

You can wear a mask, disinfect your hands, avoid contact, but once it's determined, you will be run over a car or a brick lands on your head. Death was inevitable.

If it's not determined, you can climb on the mountains, kiss a corona patient and speed on highways - Death does not take you, because this isn't your time yet.

When we understand the workings of Life, the anxiety of things which may endanger our existence, also disappears. Firstly, our body has its own time, which does not depend on the will of our mind, and secondly, the Life flowing inside us can not be destroyed by the decay of the body.

As long as we cling to the physical body, we are controlled by physical world. As long as we think that great life processes is in our hands or in hand washing or wearing a mask, we are guided by fear. As long as we think our existence is physical, we are guided by fear. A person who associates himself with the body is no different from a sheep. He's even worse. The sheep can watch TV, but it gains no fear of avoiding other sheep. The human mind is even more primitive than the human body. Even the body is in better contact with Life than the mind. You can try to stop breathing with your mind, but sooner or later your body will take your mind, consciousness, let you lie down and restore your breathing. The body is smarter than a foolish mind.

Even wiser than the body, is consciousness, the higher self, the Life, the True Essence, or whatever you call it.

Essence cannot die. Your true nature cannot die. Life is not afraid of death because it cannot be destroyed. The mind is afraid of death.

As long as you associate yourself on a mind's level, you are controlled. Your mind can be planted with hesitations, doubts, you can guided to put on a mask, vaccinated, take medicine and even kill people. Even the most rational people can be turned into murderers by fear.

A person clinging to a physical body is the stupidest and most dangerous weapon ever.

Only one who lets go of the physical, will see the truth. He sees that he is a part of All and at the same time the All itself. He is an indestructible, unchanging, all-pervading force and power. He does not have to fear death or disease because he knows that everything is only one part of the life experience.

As you rise above the physical, you will notice that although there is death, the connection with Life remains beyond the limits of death. Your passed loved ones are still connected to you through love and the indestructible power of Life. Even the pain you feel out of clinging to their lost of physical form, is proof of the indestructibility of Life - the power that lives on.

The physical must be destroyed because it is destined.

Our wishes and will do not matter in it. The mechanisms of the universe cannot be altered by disinfectants or mask. How ridiculous we are to hope for it!

Wearing a mask can not prevent cancer. Even living a perfectly healthy life can lead to a car accident. Life is determined, Death is so determined. It has to be so and we must accept it.

The Corona virus, the crown of the crowns, allows our consciousness to rise to this level of divinity. To a level where we either learn to rise above the physical body in this life... or we cling to the physical and fear takes our foolish head to the purgatory of Death so we can return wiser.

The choice is yours, whether you wake up now or later. How long do you want to be as stupid as your mind?

Pamela Maran

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